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Addressing organisational security can be an intimidating experience for individuals and organisations. As a support provider, it's important to create a safer space for staff to discuss difficult topics. Creating space must be integrated throughout the organisational security process. This section includes exercises and advice for building trust and awareness among the group.

In this section:

Additional topics we'd like to add to this section:

  • On funders:
    • how to include security planning in proposals
    • how to budget for security
    • how to improve communication of sensitive information when funders are not practicing secure communications
    • how to pitch the importance of security
    • how to get others you work with to improve practices
  • On human resources (professional development, onboarding/offboarding, performance review):
    • including security improvements in staff reviews
    • how to develop staff skills
    • doing effective/welcoming onboarding
    • doing effective/respectful offboarding
  • On governance (board of directors)/strategic planning:
    • how to incorporate into strategic planning of org
    • how to get buy-in, scoping of possibilities

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